1. I Set You Free

From the recording I Set You Free

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I Set You Free

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Another song from the home recording sessions September 2022. Set free with love...


I've been holding on to memories and stories I barely recall,
Events of so very long ago, but I somehow still feel them all,
Deep inside my body, and they're weighing on my soul,
It's time to let them go, time to become more whole.

So for whatever it was and whatever it's worth,
I'll come from compassion and love and do this work,
For you, for me, for the one and the all, with a prayer this story ends
In forgiveness of it all.

And I love you, I forgive you and I wish for you to be,
Happy, peaceful, forgiven and free
And I love you, I forgive you, unconditionally,
I love, I forgive you, I set you free, I set you free...
I set me free,
I set us free.