What's in a name?

Misk'i Takiy is a name that was ceremonially gifted to me unexpectedly by one of my dear friends and teachers, Don Javier Arevalo, a 4th generation Peruvian native healer. In the context it was given it means "man who sings sweetly". The name that I was given at birth is Gareth, a traditional British Celtic name which carries the meaning 'gentle and brave'. The moniker Dr. Fox was bestowed upon me by my beloved first teacher, M, one fine morning in our fox-frequented sanctuary in the UK and it is an honour to carry these names with me and walk my walk in remembrance of those who gave them to me.

For me, music and movement are medicine, medicines of the heart and soul, and two of the most effective medicines I know. 

As a storyteller, songwriter, and musician; primarily I write songs that have been created as medicine for me or others, reflections of experiences encountered that contain tales comprised of, and encoded with words and messages that have given me strength, hope, inspiration, and love when I have been in need. My journey through this life has taken me to many countries and to the study of many areas of interest and these are woven into the fabric of the story of the song.

There is no song that I sing that has not helped myself and others to heal something... this is one of my prayers, that healing comes to those who are in need. In my life, whenever I have needed to understand something, to pray for something, to heal a wound or a false understanding, a damaged relation, then a song has shared itself with me, with the intention to bring healing that specific area of conflict. I believe that through the power of song we are able to explore and share the depths of our being, find comfort, and whatever it is that is needed to achieve resolution and true healing.

This is one of the attributes and essences of being a healer in some of the traditional ways that I have been taught, but in much of what is now classified as shamanic, we sing to heal, we sing for the healing of the people and the land. Sometimes we dance too... 

Many of the songs I write are inspired by ancient healing traditions from around the world, traditions that I admire and draw support, guidance, and inspiration from. To be able to share these words, stories and songs in a way that they may touch another person is a true and genuine honour.

After over a decade apprenticed to great teachers of the ancestral paths of plant medicine; living, studying, and working with them in this arena, I decided to begin recording songs as a way of sharing medicine outside of the traditional context in which they are used, and thus be able to offer more support for others.

My first album, El Lobo y la Luna was recorded in 2016 and released to coincide with the second Festival de Musica Medicina which is held close to Cusco in the Sacred Valley of the Incas every 2 years. 

2017 saw much change, and many new ideas and collaborations come to pass, not only in the area of music, but in the field of healing. 

2018 was a year of travel with opportunities for new meetings and sharings, dances and dreaming. It also saw my return to the world of writing and editing; a prayer being heard and my interest being re-ignited by being asked to work on the translation and editing of 2 powerful books on the subject of the sacred science of plant medicine and the development of consciousness. This road also led me into the world of publishing and the creation of my own independent publishing house - Fox Runs Wild Publishing - and writing / editing agency - One World Words - to assist in the process. These are services that I can now offer to others who have writing that they wish to present and disseminate for the greater good. If you are a writer and need some assistance, please be in touch.

2019 saw new material in flow, anticipating outlets which took many forms and shapes, from healing events, prayer, voice, song, body movement workshops and sharings; and plain old simple gigs and giveaway gifts... travel was high on the agenda as was the coming together in prayer with many families and friends.

2020 - what is there to say. Much has taken place in this space of uncertainty and unrest, sadness and separation. However, finally, the follow up album to El Lobo y la Luna has been recorded and is, at time of writing, with the producer and in the care of his hands and ears. It shall be released before the end of the year.

For more information about events, workshops, shows, songs etc., please sign up to the mailing list and stay in touch. Or, if you are interested in me holding a workshop or event, or any of the other services I offer, please write and we will see what we can arrange. Please note that I shall not be available or working until 2021 due to COVID induced circumstances that are out of my control.


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