Dear Friends,

I have just discovered that it is possible for people to follow and listen to my music on Bandcamp. Click on the tiny link below :). Thanks for all who have done this, please accept my apologies for me being silent on this Bandcamp platform, I have never visited it until a few minutes ago since uploading my album El Lobo y la Luna for distribution in 2016... although I also have to say that Bandcamp takes 15% of all money made from purchases on their site, plus Paypal fees, whereas purchases made through this site are commission-free, as far as I am led to believe. I will continue to use Bandcamp in addition to the other digital platforms that are available, as it allows for the creation of community and also of communication and interaction, something that I am keen to support and encourage in the life. Music is a collaborative process, whether it is between the musician and the muse, the mysterious source of inspiration, or the listener. So, we are in this together. As I prepare the next set of songs and the ones to come, I shall have more time to dedicate to streamlining the various platforms and finding meaningful ways of engaging. If anyone has any idea of viable, ad-free, secure social media to replace Facebook, please do let me know, as I know there must be a better way out there... with love, Gx


Dear Friends,

Just a quick note to say that I hope you are doing well, wherever you are, during this time of lockdown and isolation. I have shared some of my thoughts on this on other platforms and have not the time to recap here. I wanted to share that I am once again in the jungle, the Mama Jungle of Peru. I came for a week and the airports were closed, so here I stay until Peru re-opens.

By all accounts, it will still be some time yet until freedom of travel is possible, so here I shall remain, in prayer and meditation, with the assistance of Mother Nature and her helpers. Many of you are in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to the day or night when we can share time and space, and song, once again, and reflect on this time of great reflection. Time to be present and receptive. There have been many new songs written in this time, inspired by these times, and some have been shared on Soundcloud already. Sadly, due to the fact I planned to come here for a week only, I do not have adequate recording equipment with me, only my telephone (one broken already due to high humidity here), but I wanted to share the songs anyway, as some inspiration. Due to this time here, 2 months already and another one or 2 to come before I can fly back to the mountain, or elsewhere that the heart may lead, the new CD will be delayed. I appreciate patience with this. 

On another note, sadly, this time has caused many of us to lose income, jobs, make changes to lifestyle, or the way we live and interact, etc... the financial swings of this COVID situation are grave. One of the projects that I support in Peru, the Winaypaq school (see my AYNI page) may have to close. Alonso del Rio, who co-founded the school with Waltraut Stolben, has put out an appeal for assistance, if any can be given. Usually, the school is supported by the bi-annual Festival of Medicine Music, of which I am a part, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. However, this year, the festival has had to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions. If anyone is in position to make a contribution or donation, no matter how small, this would be a great assistance to the school. The school provides free Waldorf inspired, culturally-appropriate education for 80 local children and after 10 or more years, it would be a great shame for it to have to close.

With love, 


Time for a break

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

The time has come for a short break in the jungle - only a few weeks, but the timing couldn't be better. All is well in the mountains, and the recording process has begun; but as with most things, change is in the air, and in the space between the notes. As soon as I began to record / prepare for recording, the music showed me a different way, and I was forced to release my concept to allow the album to share what it would like to be. It was no easy process to recognise this as an almost independent entity, and let go of the ideas of ownership. Now I can only see myself as a conduit, a conductor for this work... and it is hard work to learn new techniques and tools with which to facilitate the process. So, a short break in the jungle to play and pray and then back to work. Thanks to all who have supported this musical project.

In other news, The Four Altars book will be available again via the website, and will be posted to all who order it at the end of February. Big love to one and all ...


With love and gratitude

Dear Friends, I am pleased to share that my next album will be recorded this Winter, with the intention of it being available for release in late Spring / early Summer (Northern Hemisphere seasons). The album concept is in place, songs are strong, the artwork is being created, and the decision on where to record has been made. Initially I was drawn to crowdfund this project, but have been giving it some time and energy, and although finances are required, I feel direct crowdfund is not the way I want to make this happen. I am still working the details, and will share more when a decision has been made. Please see the CROWDFUND page for more information.

With love and gratitude, 




"The purpose of THE FOUR ALTARS is to teach us to recognise what is the mind (mechanical evolution) and what is the consciousness, as well as offering the support we need to finally heal this wounded mind, to begin to use it correctly, and to ultimately arrive at a consciousness that is united with love".

I had the great honour to work on the first English language edition of this book by Alonso del Rio in 2018 /2019 and now, to offer it for sale through this website. The book is available in physical and PDF versions. The physical copies can only be posted in certain windows of time. The next window is end of October / early November 2019. I highly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in sacred plants and the development of consciousness. Please see the 'SHOP' page to order.

Un Pajarillo Muy Lindo

Misk'i Takiy Musica (feat. Mark Jenkyns & Tiyoweh)

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Un Pajarillo Muy Lindo

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All funds raised from the sale of this single will go to supporting the healing process of my dear friend and teacher Don Javier as he recovers from a stroke. This icaro was recorded with permission of Don Javier in 2017, and now is the time for it to fly and bring prayers of swift and complete healing to the beautiful man who created it. With infinite gratitude to Don Javier for all of the healing and beauty that he has brought to this world and to so many of our lives. All payments made through this website are commission free and will directly go to Don Javier.

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