Here at "La casa de mis abuelos", we are gearing up towards a period of over one month in dieta. We have 2 separate dieta groups coming for 15 days each. This feels to be the most beneficial way of progressing with the path of the plants, adhering to the tradition established in Peru over many centuries, if not millennia. Dieta is a profound time of deep personal work, healing, teaching and growth. In the Amazonian pharmacy, there are hundreds of plants that are well researched and documented for their unique vibratory pattern and healing / teaching properties. We call them master or teacher plants. More information can be found on the DIETA section of the website, and the drop down menu of that section. I shall be adding to this as and when I find time to create and curate more information.

Dieta is a foundational step for anyone who is serious about learning from the plants - developing relations with the plants, working with the plants - and the path of the plants. It is a process that I use personally to progress in a clear and direct way along the path. It follows a well - established tradition and implies a greater commitment to learning. In the future more emphasis is to be placed here as it is the most effective and efficient way that I know of working with the sacred plants and honouring the tradition / legacy of those that have gone before. We live in a time of much experimentation, exploitation and misguided ( even if well - intentioned ) methods. The tradition, along with the discoveries and methodologies of the tradition help to clear out much of the debris that creates confusion around the correct use of sacred plants and the way they are represented within this world.

There is an ever-increasing expansion of interest in this world, and, again, leaning into the tradition helps to orient towards a good way of walking, as a way of grounding the expansion of interest.

Education in general seems to be becoming more prevalent within my sphere. It has always been of interest to me, but now I can see more of the importance of sharing what has been learned along this path. I am ever grateful for my teachers for showing me the way and supporting me in this process. My intention is to be a bridge, and that whatever I have to share be for the benefit of those who wish to learn.

This takes shape in many forms, from the dietas to The Four Altars Study Group which is a 6 month study journey that takes place each year beginning in March around the time of the Equinox, weekly Movement Medicine classes here in Peru, and monthly online from November, Zoom calls on specific topics of interest - areas in which I have some experience to share - the last was on the topic of Brujeria / Curanderia in the Amazonian tradition and what that can look like in the 'Western' world and mind. The SUNDAY SESSION has also made a return and will take place in September and October - then a short break until the annual Christmas Day broadcast of love and hope ( and silly Christmas Jumpers, of which I have one that gets dusted off especially for the occasion )  :)

October will provide the much needed time and space to get back into the recording studio and begin work on the next set of songs, that may make up an album, or at least an EP. Prayers that this process goes well. The songs are all there, just a little more skill and expertise needed ( and patience ) for the recording and editing process.

All being well, by the end of the year these songs should be released on all streaming platforms, and to purchase. Several people have encouraged me to press physical CD's and Vinyl this time, so we shall see if costs permit.

Until then, be well, and be in touch if you like, I am always happy to hear from you.

For now, all that is offered is here in the EVENTS section of the website.

With love, 



november news



I am happy to share that I shall be bringing music and medicine to the last slot of Friday's opening day of the MusicAlkimia Festival, music that transforms, informs, and celebrates life. More information and tickets can be booked by clicking the button to go to the site page.