The Bravest Warrior

Misk'i Takiy feat: Shiri Takacs

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The Bravest Warrior

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This single is released to raise funds for the Passionate Warrior initiative, which helps provide sponsorship to people who are in need of healing but who don't have the means to get the help they need. This involves providing sponsorship and covering travel expenses to retreat centers that specialize in helping people overcome emotional trauma, PTSD, and other circumstances that prevent them from leading a healthy life of purpose and joy. I am honoured to be a friend to this initiative, and all funds from the sale of this single, forever, will contribute towards helping somebody, or some bodies, receive the healing that they need. The single was recorded during the pandemic as a virtual collaboration with Shiri Takacs adding multi-dimensional elements and textures on piano and guitar.

With love, as always, Gareth

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As the text states, PASSIONATE WARRIOR is a work of LOVE, KINDNESS, and SERVICE, based in the USA... supporting and sponsoring those who are financially restricted to receive healing. Together we are stronger. I am happy to be able to support this initiative in whatever way I can, and the friends who have dreamed such an initiative into being. To support, you can scan the code, or purchase THE BRAVEST WARRIOR single, from which, all proceeds will be passed onto PASSIONATE WARRIOR for all time... xxx


To encrypt or not to encrypt?

A quick note on ENCRYPTION. Many are switching to encrypted messaging services such as SIGNAL and TELEGRAM.  Please be aware that TELEGRAM does NOT offer encryption as standard for all its messages. You need to turn it on for each individual person you send to. In this regard, if you do not do this, you could end up sending unencrypted messages unintentionally. SIGNAL, on the other hand, DOES encrypt as standard, much like WhatsApp. 

As for email, well, two main providers are PROTONMAIL and TUTANOTA. Of the two, Protonmail is the more secure and less prone to hackers / attackers. Tutanota is a pretty good option, in my opinion, having used them both. I have been using encrypted sites and providers for several years and am happy with the way they work, and no advertising.

For a browser, duckduckgo is a good choice... no targeting, no advertising, no records of your searches... at first you may miss the worryingly tailored results of Google, but in the long run you will probably feel more free.

Why encrypt? You do not need to be hiding anything, or have anything to hide, to choose to use these services. Simply, our communication should be private and not used to collect information, data points or such. For too long we have been giving personal information away as if it were not personal at all. Internet privacy affects us all. And while it offers me smug satisfaction to see that the very people who disagreed with me several years ago about these issues are now all in favour of privacy, it does worry me somewhat that it took such dramatic infringements on freedom of speech and censorship to make us all take more notice of this issue. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee. By using this feature, you can contribute to the next recordings. My plan is to release one song every month for the coming year, and all cups of coffee will go to funding the professional recording, production and release of these songs. All supporters will automatically receive the song before it goes live on Spotify. Thanks in advance for helping to keep the music, medicine (and coffee) flowing...