Musica Alkimia Festival

 — (CST, UTC-06) — (CST, UTC-06)

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Here I will be participating in a 3 day festival of Medicine Music in Mexico. I will be closing the first day of the Festival, the Friday with music and medicine in the spirit of celebration of life. Tickets are available.

Dr. Fox's Seasonal Special Monday Session

(UTC-05) (UTC-05)

A seasonal Monday Special, on the 25th of December at 11 am Peru time zone, spreading joy to the world. Maybe a special guest will drop in. Zoom room through to FB with link to come closer to the date.

The Four Altars Study Group 2024

The Four Altars Study Group begins March 18th 2024, for its 3rd turn of the spiral. This community study group offers support for the reading material as we dive deep into The Four Altars - the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, and all the archetypes contained within.

The Four Altars Study Group is an intensive 6 month online study of the medicine wheel that begins in the East ( Earth ) and ends in the North ( Air ), and all the relations contained within each sector. It is designed to support you and your enquiry into who and what you are, how you choose to live, and give practical tools that can be worked with. It is a deep enquiry and one that is open to all people of all ages and interests. Primarily, we will be reading, discussing, and working with embodiment techniques to incorporate all that is learned in the process. Additional resources and practices will be made available to members of the community on a private network and all sessions will be recorded should a session be missed. For more information, please see the STUDY section of the website.

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The Four Altars Study Group 2024

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