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Open Prayer Ceremony

La Casa de mis Abuelos, Taray, Peru


Open Prayer Ceremony

La Casa de mis Abuelos, Taray, PERU



The 4th Festival of Medicine Music will take place JULY 26-28 this year. I will be there in support of this project and prayer, and I hope many of you can join, either with your physical presence, or virtual (the event will be streamed live)... all assistance with this festival is much appreciated, and all artists contribute their time, energy and finances for free (in truth there is a great return)... but, all proceeds go to supporting the Winaypaq Intercultural School here in the Sacred Valley, and are much needed at this time... the school is not doing as well financially as it has been, and to continue to be able to provide free, relevant, and culturally appropriate education (Steiner / Waldorf inspired) to nearly 100 local children, your support is necessary, now more than ever. So, we are raising the prayer for support and engagement.. please share this event if you feel the call and be in touch if you wish to know more of how you can help, in any way... we also will need volunteers to help set up the event... if you feel you have skills or energy to add to the process, or wish for more information, please write to me.... big love from Peru to YOU 🦊🙏 p.s, please see post below...

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JULY 2020 (3 days of music and celebration)

The festival returns in the Summer of 2020 for its 4th incarnation. This bi-annual project showcases medicine music from different traditions and is held with the intention of promoting the development of consciousness as a way of life. In addition to the diverse variety of musicians that perform in and contribute to the space, there are workshops on many interesting and beneficial topics; from yoga to permaculture. It is held in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and is a fundraiser for the Winaypaq intercultural school which provides free Waldorf / Steiner education (that is culturally appropriate) to over 80 local children. I am happy to again be in support of this project and prayer. Exact dates will be released early next year. For international friends who may wish to visit during this time, I am happy to help co-ordinate and assist you to find accomodation / make your visit as smooth as possible.