At the turn of the season, it is time for new growth, the beginning of an expansion into the longer days of light. Seeds that were planted earlier in the year are nudging their shoots above the ground. In honour and recognition of this, a new platform will emerge which will serve to provide the bed for several new projects which will be introduced shortly, when their time is right. These will include musical and mystical collaborations, and a range of transformational workshops and ceremonial offerings; this morning told me that the time, as always is NOW, but not only that; that the time was right for this to begin to take place, to stop holding back what wants to come, what is already here, what has been the work of several years in the planning. I fully appreciate all support for this and wish all of you all of the beauty that you deserve to manifest in your life.... may it be so... With infinite love and gratitude, Gareth (Misk'i Takiy)