recalibration and reintegration

Dear Friends,

I can only share that these are challenging times, most probably for us all as we navigate these territories of pandemic, lockdown, quarantine, and general unease and unrest. Staying mentally, physically and spiritually healthy can be challenging, as can maintaining a positive outlook for our personal lives and life on our planet.

For me, this has been the case. I spent most of my last months in lockdown in the Peruvian Jungle, and while the jungle was generous with me in many ways, it has also taken its toll on me. Working as a jungle curandero was, and always is, close to my heart, but I also have had deep exposure to some of the darker sides of the business - not only black magic, but also the aspect that allows people to run away into their stories, unchecked and unrestrained. I witnessed people thinking they were healing when they were becoming more confused (maybe this is a part of their process), and I also witnessed shaman negligently just telling people what they want to hear, allowing them to build their fantasies and create deeper confusion. In some cases this can be in the shaman's interest as it engenders trust and continued business, but I believe that honesty is a bedrock for this work and just telling people what pleases them to hear does not strike a chord with me...nor do I think that building illusions is a constructive use of time or position.

There is a deep ethical core at the heart of the work for me, and this is a tremendous responsibility to carry. In the modern business world, which includes that of the medicines these days, this ethical core can be somewhat ambiguous, as money, jealousy, envy, insecurity, power, and grandiose illusions / personal stories are often in play. Add to this plants of power, and we get a potent mix - let me be frank - these are not games being played, nor are they solely restricted to the darkest places of the forest - this is in the mind, the consciousness, the unconsciousness, and in the core of a system, a way of being. It includes the light and the dark, the emotions - but for me, there can be no manipulation, no power play involved. This is the dark path - no question about it.

There is light and dark on this path, not all who claim to be of the light are aware of their shadow, or when their shadow is operating, and when it is their light that is shining. Collectively and personally, we are in a process of clarification at present, or I hope to believe so. I pray it is so. 

I recognise that there are many ways of working in this world as a healer, curandero, shaman, call it what you will - and in these times much shadow is evident, so there is space for understanding and compassion... but it has raised certain key questions for me as to my path and how I choose to be in the world.

I was offered the position of running a centre down in the jungle, which I did consider for a time, but I turned it down, and now is the time to focus on other things, even more personal than my vocation. The jungle is close to my heart, but so are other places :).

I am grateful for the having had the opportunity to hold many evenings of work down in the jungle, with the blessing of Don Javier in his new maloka: and to work in this way with both tourists and locals alike during this time of the virus. It was a great honour for me to gain the trust of the locals - as a gringo healer - when they had previously only acquainted with native healers. 

Much of the work was clearing and cleaning the people of the virus and its accompanying fear - and although there was plenty of cases of virus, the fear was  more tangible somehow. It also highlighted some of the other areas of the work that I love to do, which I will not share here. 

Nowadays, this is my integration time - so, I search for more answers, and more questions are raised :) It's often this way. There can be much confusion around the world of the sacred plants, and the people who administer them. My love to my teachers, who remain close to my heart and serve as guides and inspirations in these obscure times - 

I have also been deeply touched by many of the messages that people have sent to me during these times, some of the virtual pen-pals that have popped up from time to time. Also by some of the transparent sharing of some friends of the challenges that they have encountered within themselves and within what the experience of life is bringing.

It takes courage and strength to be vulnerable - and my humble request is that if anyone is experiencing deep despair, sadness, loneliness, suicidal thoughts - please reach out to someone - or me - please don't put so much pressure on yourself that you feel that your life is not of value.

I know this passage in time is not easy, so please, don't let it get to the most dark places - sometimes an ear is all we need. 

With love, 





Well, they say change is the only constant. These times have offered much needed reflection time and in order to make up time and to play to my strengths, the next album will be a live album, minimally produced. Due to being away from home for many months because of the quarantine and lockdown, I also have been writing much new material that I am happy with. So, the first offering when I am able will be a live CD or 2 ( or 3 if I go really George Harrison on the project ). A more comprehensive studio album will have to wait. I shall also be gradually moving away from the Misk'i Takiy Musica platform in the future onto a more personal and project based platform and platform name. I am very grateful for all Misk'i Takiy has given so far and that I have been able to share, but time has come to make a change. I hope that the transition is smooth as can be and not too confusing... it's tough gig having many names and many interests, but it's time to unify and clarify the offerings and the prayers :)

Mi amiga de la selva... Pepe...

Mi amiga de la selva... Pepe...