I Have A Dream (Lyrics)

I believe in this world, and in the world of my dreams... 

Where we all have enough food to eat, 

Clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe 

Shelter from the storms and the showers, 

A place to rest in the starlit hours,


I have a dream, of a world that’s free...


Where there’s more than enough if we all learn to share, 

And sharing will teach us how to care, 

With deep respect for the self and the other, 

Respect for all life that’s born here on this Mother Earth


I have a dream, of a world that’s free... 


But I’m not satisfied to only dream, 

I put my money where my mouth is, 

Wear my heart on my sleeve 

I have a dream / I believe...


With thanks to the moon, the stars, and the sky 

Thanks to the sun, the giver of life, 

Thanks to the waters, the oceans and tides 

As they ebb and flow throughout our lives, 

Oceans and tides, ebbs and flows 

Unrestricted, the river she flows, 

Thanks for the rains, the baptisms of fire 

The growing pains that take us higher...


So may we grow for the length of our days, 

Deepening and opening in so many ways, 

Sending our roots deep into this land, 

Walking together hand in hand...


One nation united under the Sun, 

One nation walking the Path of Love, 

I will always believe, in this world, the world of my dreams…

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