Dear Friends,

Preparations for a new album are in progress. The songs are strong and ready. I am forever grateful for all the support I receive in so many ways, and am excited to begin work on this project. It has been 3 years and more since El Lobo y La Luna was released and I am very satisfied with the musical evolution that has taken place. The songs, once again, will centre around core healing and global ancestral teachings, and hopefully provide plenty of inspiration. Pre-recording work has begun and the album will be recorded over the Winter months ( Dec, Jan, Feb ) with release intended to be late Spring, early Summer (Northern Hemisphere).* PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE SEVERE DELAYS DUE TO COVID QUARANTINE.

Thankyou once again for all support received over the years and the years to come, music is a collaboration between the musician and the listener, so we are in this together :)

We live in a world where people are always buying and selling, consuming... so, to avoid complications with this 'crowdfund' I have decided to keep it very simple.

There are 2 options, both pre-sale orders. Rather than asking you to give money in exchange for nothing tangible in return, your money guarantees you a product at the end of the process, and assists greatly in the financing of the project.

£10 entitles you to a digital download of high-quality music files plus high-rez artwork file and my gratitude.  

£20 entitles you to the limited edition CD with full lyrics, worldwide shipping, plus the above. 

Both options contain EXACTLY the same amount of gratitude, which is an INFINITE amount :) 

Of course, if you wish to donate more, this is fantastic, but please, only donate what you know you can afford and what it is worth to you. Your prayers and support are just as valid as cold, hard cash, or warm-hearted cash.

To reduce plastic waste ( not that the CD is a waste, but that one day it too will have to decompose for a very long time ), the CD will be a very limited edition ( I suppose you could call it a collector's edition ), roughly to the total amount that are pre-ordered. These will be fundamentally objects of beauty, and I have sourced the most environmentally-friendly / responsible print / display / packaging options available. All items that need to be posted will be packaged in environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable packaging.

The 2 payment options state : YOUR PRICE, with a minimum of the above amounts. Please do not feel any pressure to donate / pay more than the base amount just because there is the option. (This is the only way through my website that I am able to make this offer available, apologies if it appears confusing).

If PayPal is not your thing but you would like to support this project, please get in touch as I have a TransferWise account which can be used to take payments in many different currencies, thereby eliminating high bank fees.

I appreciate your patience and prayers for this project to be the very best that it can be. Thankyou again.

With love, 

Gareth / Misk'i Takiy Musica


NEW ALBUM DIGITAL FILE PRE-ORDER: Digital Download of album
  • NEW ALBUM DIGITAL FILE PRE-ORDER: Digital Download of album
Your price

NEW ALBUM DIGITAL FILE PRE-ORDER: Digital Download of album

Please choose a price: £ GBP (£10.00 or more)

Please pay at least £10.00

or close

This option is for the digital download of the album when it is made... it will be sent with JPG of artwork, with love and gratitude to you... this option is for those who do not have a CD player or who wish to cut back on plastic....

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Your price


Please choose a price: £ GBP (£20.00 or more)

Please pay at least £20.00

or close

Limited Edition CD supplied with full lyrics + digital download of music files + international postage. This printing of the CD will be strictly limited edition to reduce plastic waste and keep production to a minimum. As a result, costs are slightly higher, but I have sourced the most Eco-friendly options and am super-happy to have done this... all postage packaging will also be ecologically / environmentally responsible and fully recyclable / already recycled :)

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The album is being held up by COVID quarantine, where I have been in lockdown in the jungle, a long way from any recordign studio.... deepest apologies for this delay.... it is high on my list of priorities for when I am released and free to travel once again.