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A CIRCLE OF MEN ... this enquiry - support group will be offered online via Zoom. Applications to join the group are now closed until we begin our second intake of men.

Welcome. A CIRCLE OF MEN  is a new initiative and offering through this website. The intention is to provide a safe meeting place for men, in which we can provide support for each other and our journey of authentic and purposeful masculinity. The primary motivation behind the offering is simple, I appreciate this contact and exploration in my life, and I would like to share this stage and space in my life with other men, to learn and to grow. We shall meet regularly (most probably every 2 weeks) on Zoom video meeting and open this space to be held for each other. My intention and hope is that we can form a strong core who are willing to help create and build this initiative. I do not claim to have any particular skills in this area, for this I hope to open a space in which we can hold each other and learn alongside each other.

A CIRCLE OF MEN  is an open invitation to any man to join the sacred circle, to check in, to share space and presence with other men.

For more information and to apply to join the second intake of this online men's group, please write using the contact form. We will be addressing the next intake in Summer 2021, if you are interested.

*please bear in mind that an important part of this work is based on TRUST and CONFIDENTIALITY. Before applying please understand this and make an agreement that this will be honoured in sacred trust. 

The first principle requires a solid foundation of integrity, so I wish to be clear from the outset and formation of the group that we intend to co-create a place of CONFIDENTIAL and NON-JUDGEMENTAL SUPPORT, NOT THERAPYI know we can offer this to each other if we remember that the most important thing we can give is our presence, brotherhood, and respect.